Question by : Baby Meet -n- Greet Invitation Wording; How to Say “No Gifts”?
Hi. My baby is going to be born any day now and I’m making the invitations for the meet and greet we’re planning on having when the baby is 8 weeks old. We’re limiting visitors for the first two months to grandparents, my siblings (baby’s aunt and uncle) and our three closest friends, because it’s flu season and it would just be easier that way; our extended family is huge. My husband and I think a meet and greet, when the baby is a little older, is a great solution so our family members won’t be offended when we say no visitors.

Anyway, my mother already hosted a lovely baby shower for me. We already received numerous gifts and we have all the supplies we need. The baby meet -n- greet isn’t meant to be a gift giving event and we definitely don’t want people to think that it is. If someone wants to give us something (we didn’t find out the gender, so people have been telling me they want to buy gender specific clothes after the birth, it doesn’t matter either way though) that’s fine and it’ll be appreciated but we don’t expect it.

Is there a way we can write that on the invitation? I was thinking, “We only ask for your presence” or “Your presence is the best gift.” Any other phrases I could possibly write?
We’re hermits. Two months is nothing, especially with my parents coming around every so often. Plus, I’ll be busy breastfeeding and we’ll be adjusting with the new baby. And my mother has agreed to come once a week so I can get some time to go out and run errands. We feel it’s safer so that’s what we’re doing.

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Answer by Blingha
No gift is greater than your presence?
A non-gifting event?
The only gift we will accept is your presence?
Congrats by the way.

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