It was my birthday, he didnt get me a gift?

Question by Lala: It was my birthday, he didnt get me a gift?
Monday was my birthday. My boyfriend & I planned to spend Sunday together into Monday but things didnt go according to plan. We were still together though, even though we were kind of “arguing” and the air was tense. So at almost 1am, he picked me up at an event I had to do business at & we went to go home. As soon as I got in the car, instead of saying “its your birthday, happy birthday”, he started making snide comments about “the guy” I had to do business with. He told me “if you want to be with that guy just tell me” – and from there it was one thing after the other, till we got to my house, I asked him, “let me ask you an honest question. Did you buy me a birthday gift?” He told me “not yet”. And I asked him “what are you waiting for? My birthday is TODAY. We’re spending the whole day together, what were you going to do, wait till LATER IN THE DAY & get my gift while you are with me?” – then he said, “so now you’re going to start arguing with me over a birthday gift?” — then he said, “oh yea, its Jenny’s birthday too – the girl on my job” – and THAT p1ssed me off. Why would he mention “jenny’s” birthday while we’re together, especially when he didnt even get me a birthday gift (yet)??? So I told him to leave my house. He tried to flip it on ME and ask me, “why are you acting like that??” – that’s when I told him to “GET THE F*CK OUT”, and I told him about himself in a text message the next day. Havent heard from him since.

Did I do anything wrong? Or was HE wrong, inconsiderate & self-centered?

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Answer by Rana
happy b’ day, it was not good for him.but you really need it ?

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5 Responses to It was my birthday, he didnt get me a gift?

  1. awaken.dawn on February 12, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Both of you are Ok ….all this bickering is so childish…don’t give too much importance to this..kiss and makeup

  2. sb87 on February 12, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    he was asking for it, good work

  3. ceeyahrc1 on February 12, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    oh boy that is sad well here to you from me ok—————————————————— HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    = it was posta look like a cake with one candle :( happy birthday by the way :)
    yes the i and the = was posta be a cake oh we’ll

  4. keshia b on February 12, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    it wasnt really necessary to make a fuss just cause you didnt get the gift. plus when you see that the conversation wasnt really nice you could have switched to something else.
    but i dont know dear……God bless

  5. Jackie on February 12, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    He started it, but that didn’t mean you had to finish it.

    So he didn’t get you a gift….what is the big deal? I guess I have the mindset that getting gifts for christmas or birthdays when it is “mandatory” is not necessary. I would rather spoil my S.O. all year long by getting him gifts for no reason. The way you worded the “let me ask you a honest question, did you get me a gift?” makes it sound like that is a HUGE problem if he didn’t……

    He was definitely in the wrong for getting jealous of the guy you had to do business with, but to be honest-1am and on a Sunday with just one guy at this event? that sounds a little suspicious to me as well. And if it was just business, I don’t see why your boyfriend couldn’t have tagged along. I have brought my S.O. to business functions and events…and personally-if it was my birthday and I had a business event, I would hurry my way through it as fast as possible to get out of there. Getting out at 1am doesn’t sound like you necessarily were wanting to get home to your boyfriend either….

    The way I see it-you both need to sit down and first apologize for blowing up at eachother. That was uncalled for. If he was unsure of what was going on and suspicious of your actions, he should have just asked you what was up without assuming and getting angry. And you need to realize that you escalated the situation and you blew up just as much as he did, if not more. Sit down and TALK-no yelling….yelling doesn’t get anything accomplished. You may be louder, but the other person doesn’t hear you at all if you yell. Figure out why he is having these trust issues……or hey-he could have had a romantic birthday surprise for you all planned, but then this business thing got in the way…so now he is mad and clueless as to what to do for your birthday. Maybe that is why he doesn’t have a present now….hmmm……

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